Pikes and snipers in the sparrow sections will kill you. Boss room gets messy.

Nightfall Info




Arc Pulses #1

Go on foot and kill all enemies you see. Watch out for pikes especially, which will kill you very quickly.

Plate Room

Enemies spawn based on Ghost's progress, so step off the plate as enemies spawn to clear the room. Hanging out in the back on the stairs is pretty safe. The two Barrier Servitors will spawn at the same time, and killing one of them will spawn Overload Champion(s).

Arc Pulses #2

Occasionally, there may be a public event banner. Pikes will still kill you.


Go around to the right of the tank, where you can shoot at it relatively undisturbed. Clear any enemies hanging around on the right side before focusing on the tank. The Vex despawn after you kill the tank.


Watch for snipers far above as you move up.

Boss Room

The boss will turn invisible, teleport around, and rush at you. The goal is to attack him together to do enough damage to phase him at every 3rd of his health, and then focus on ads.


  1. Jumping down to the room starts the encounter. You should kill all of the Shanks from above before jumping down.
  2. Boss appears and rushes at you. Attack him together to do enough damage so he goes immune and disappears, at the first 3rd of his health.
  3. While this is happening, ads appear. If you didn't do enough boss damage to phase him, he'll come back while ads are also attacking you.
  4. While the boss is in his immune phase and gone, killing all ads in the room will bring him back. If you need to wait out Supers, hold off on killing everything.
  5. Two Barrier Servitors appear at about halfway through, and they'll shield all ads as well as the boss.
  6. Burn down the boss when it's his final third of health.

Anecdotally: survivability is key, and I've seen success with chaining Well of Radiance among the team, so that you're always standing in a Well. You get surrounded very quickly, so it's important to be in one.

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