There are lots of Taken boop cannons, and it's easy to get physics killed. Boss needs to be melted, otherwise the boss room gets very messy.

Nightfall Info




Lake of Shadows is a relatively easy nightfall, so it's forgiving on what strategy you use. It's recommended to prioritize burning down the boss, because surviving in the boss room would be very challenging.

Taken Blights

You can stand on top of the blights to destroy them without taking damage.


You can bait the two Unstoppable Champions at the entrance into the hallway to pick them off one at a time. Watch out for Taken boop cannons in the walls that will launch you off the map or into walls. It's possible for your Ghost to be located in an unreachable spot if you die.


Watch for solar-shielded Taken Knights that have an AOE fire attack.

Wizard Room

The Wizard has a Void shield and summons Shadow Thrall.

Boss Room

The boss room gets chaotic, so it's important to burn down the boss as quickly as possible. Enemies start spawning in shortly after the boss spawns.

Anecdotally: Well of Radiance + 2x Sleeper Simulant + Divinity + Thundercrash will melt the boss.


Aeon Gauntlets

Highly recommended. There are three Overload Champions leading up to the boss room that are easy to use a finisher on, so you can ensure you enter the boss fight with enough ammo.

Boss Room Melt