Heavy on ad-clear efficiency. Clear spawns immediately, before progressing. Lower plates gradually, stop when enemies spawn to clear them, then continue lowering. Damage boss slowly, stop when enemies spawn, then continue.

Nightfall Info




The main goal is ad-clear. It's very easy to get overwhelmed in the boss room and wipe. Watch out for Void snipers, which can one-shot you. Mini Screebs will kill you.

Tank Room

Plates Room

Lower one plate at a time. Step off when ads spawn, and continue lowering when the room is clear.


Boss Room

Enemy spawns are tied to boss health, at approximately every 1/9th of his health bar. Damage the boss, and stop immediately when ads start spawning. Clear the waves before continuing boss damage.

Spawn and Tether Patterns

These are tied to boss health, at every 1/9th.

  1. Right
  2. Left
  3. Middle – three waves spawn, and an Overload Champion
  4. Tether + Left
  5. Tether + Right
  6. Middle - three waves spawn, and an Unstoppable Champion
  7. Tether + Right
  8. Tether + Left

After the second tether in this final section, you can burn down the boss.

Personal Loadout